Conference Report
November 2005

D-Lib Magazine November 2005, Vol. 11 No. 11
NSF / NSDL Workshop on Scientific Markup Languages, by Laura M. Bartolo, Timothy W. Cole, Sarah Giersch, and Michael Wright

Feature Article in ASTM International Standardization News
October 2005

Materials Markup Language Meeting
June 13, 2005

MatML Coordination Committee Meeting (Meeting Minutes)
June 7, 2005

  • Orlanda, Florida
    Aeromat Conference

ASM International Board of Trustees approves sponsorship of the MatML Coordination Committee
February 2005

The ASM Board agreed to provide support for the development, validation, and application of MatML by chartering the MatML Coordination Committee as a committee of ASM. The purpose of the committee includes the evaluation, enhancement, and validation of MatML; application of MatML to the worldwide distribution of materials information, including ASM information resources; education, training, and marketing to potential users of MatML, including wherever appropriate, collaboration with other technical societies and organizations, including international organizations such as CODATA, to increase the understanding and application of MatML; and leveraging of ASM resources, such as the website and periodical publications, to accomplish the charter of the MatML Initiative.

Press Release
December 21, 2004

MatML Coordination Committee Meeting (Meeting Minutes)
October 20, 2004

  • Columbus, Ohio
    Hyatt Regency Hotel, Room Delaware D

Developments in Web-Based Material Property Databases Symposium VI
October 20, 2004

A series of presentations will be given as part of the Developments in Web-Based Material Property Databases Symposium VI, as part of the ASM Materials Solutions Conference. Presentations will cover use of MatML in the Heat Treating Industry, in the Materials Digital Library, how its being used to achieve data connectivity between applications, and more.

Session Chairs: Mr. Gilbert Kaufman Kaufman Associates, Columbus, OH
Ms Deborah E. Mies MSC.Mvision Databanks, Santa Ana, CA

Advanced Materials and Processes (AM&P) Article
November 2003

Summary Minutes of 1st MatML Schema Development Working Group
August 14, 2003

  • ACI offices, Blacksburg Virginia, 12:00 PM, August 14, 2003
Summary Minutes of MatML Coordination Committee
June 5-6, 2003
  • Mountain View Inn, Greensburg, 6:30 PM, June 5, 2003
  • WMTR Golden Lion Meeting Center, Youngstown, PA, 8:00AM, June 6, 2003


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