Change History

Obsolete and draft versions are available in xsd or pdf format. Files in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

MatML Obsolete Versions:

MatML Working Draft Version 2.0 (Obsolete) MatML Working Draft Version 1.0 (Obsolete)

MatML Version 3.1 Schema contains the formal specification for the materials markup language and represents the efforts to date of a cross section of the international materials community with contributions from private industry, government laboratories, universities, standards organizations, and professional societies.

MatML Version 3.1 Schema is now available!

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Notes on this release

Metadata now contains TestConditionDetails, which leverages the complex type ParameterValue and the simple type Notes. Accordingly, the PropertyData element was revised by adding the optional attribute "test." All relevant documentation associated with these revisions was updated. In this new version of MatML, the "local_frame_of_reference" problem was corrected and PropertyData attributes declared in the wrong order after delimiter and quote were added during the last revision were fixed. The revised schema validated in Tibco Turbo XML and Altova XMLSPY Enterprise Edition version 2004 release 3.





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