The following groups have helped guide the creation of MatML:

MatML Steering Committee [2002]
Gil Kaufman
Committee Chair
Aluminum Assoication, Inc. (Retired)
Ed Begley
Technical Leader
Fran Cverna ASM International
Doug Fleming Automation Creations, Inc.
Chris Grethlein AMPTIAC
Chris Hammond General Electric Company
Scott McCormick ESM Software
Mike Kmetz IDES, Inc.
Debbie Mies MSC Software
Mike Mitchell NASA
Chris Nunez CenTOR Software Corporation
James Pillers Boeing Phantom Works
Kent Reed NIST
James Rossi Westmoreland Testing & Research, Inc.
Craig Seymour Granta Design Limited, UK
Charles Sturrock NIST
Mike Sullentrup Boeing Aircraft Programs
MatML Working Group [1999 - 2001]
NIST Members
Ed Begley Project Leader
Bill Boettinger Metallurgy Division
Sandy Dapkunas Ceramics Division
Carol Handwerker Metallurgy Division
Vicky Karen Ceramics Division
Ursula Kattner Metallurgy Division
Ron Munro Ceramics Division
John Rumble Standard Reference Data Program
Tom Siewert Materials Reliability Division
Charles Sturrock Standard Reference Data Program
Christopher White Building Materials Division
Members External to NIST
Tetsuya Baba National Research Laboratory of Metrology, Japan
Chris Bullough ABB ALSTOM Power, Leicester UK
Fran Cverna ASM, International
Charles Gibson The Center for Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis (CINDAS)
Sasha Gurke William Andrew Publishing
Kohmei Halada National Research Institute for Metals, Japan
Gil Kaufman Aluminum Association, Inc.
Tom Kipp MSC.Software
David Martin Iowa State University
John McCarthy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Scott McCormick ESM Software
John Michopoulos U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Fred Moran Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK
Peter Murray-Rust Virtual School of Molecular Sciences, Nottingham University, UK
Crystal Newton Center for Composite Materials, University of Delaware
Frank Olken Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jon Phipps William Andrew Publishing
Adam C. Powell Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dennis Readey Colorado School of Mines
David Rose Advanced Materials and Processes Technology Information Analysis Center
Martin Smith CenTOR Software Corporation
Michael Stoeckle Ford Motor Company
Mike Sullentrup The Boeing Company







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