MatML Schema Development Working Group (2004)

The mission of this group is to continue the development of and maintain the MatML materials markup language, including, but not necessarily limited to obtaining feedback from commercial application evaluations and implementation trials of MatML; defining specific improvements (revisions and expansions) needed in the MatML schema; modifying  the primary MatML schema to meet defined needs;  updating  the public website schema to reflect agreed upon revisions and advances; and carrying  forward the standardization of MatML via OASIS.

Doug Fleming

Automation Creations, Inc.

Ed Begley
Ex-Officio Member


Laura Bartolo

Kent State University

Sally Fahrenholz-Mann

ASM International

Chris Hammond


Debbie Mies

MSC Software

Chris Nunez


Craig Seymour

Granta Design Ltd.

See the OASIS website for more details on the standardization of markup languages. OASIS is a not-for-profit, global consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of e-business standards.

OASIS Standardization of MatML Working Group (2004)

Brett Johanson


Gil Kaufman

Aluminum Association, Inc. (Retired)

Jim Pillers


Craig Seymour

Granta Design Ltd.



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